Monday, April 16, 2012

Beach Trip: Day #3

Alright...back to the beach trip!  Beach day #3 was great!  The weather was perfect and we went out to eat at a fun restaurant.  I know Katie had a blast - she woke up wanting to watch cartoons for a little while, but only out in the living room so she could see the ocean.  We ate breakfast and headed out to the beach again and had a great time!  I love that Katie really enjoyed the ocean on this trip.  In fact, she sat on Brad's shoulders and they ventured out to the sandbar (which wasn't really that far out).  I picked this bathing suit up at Crazy 8 the day before we left and I think it is so cute on her!  And she definitely felt cute with it on!  Beware - there are lots of pictures in this post since I did a small photo shoot before dinner :)

LOVING the beach!
She thought it was great fun to ride on Brad's shoulders in the ocean!
Being goofy, of course!  Or posing for the camera...or is it all the same?? :)
Love this with the ocean behind her!
Speaking of behind...ha!  She was really into building sandcastles and digging in the sand!
She was also really interested in what other folks were doing out in the ocean.
After having a second round of outside time (mostly by the pool later in the day), we got ready and had a little photo shoot.  After Brad and Katie were ready, it was my turn...when I walked out and was ready to put Katie's dress on her (I didn't want it to get dirty), she was nodding off on the couch - poor girl was worn out!  But she woke up in good spirits and we headed out for some beach pictures before heading to dinner!  Here is a cute one of Brad and Katie...
Definitely one of my favorites from the trip - I am pretty proud of this picture!
And Brad took this one...a bit hazy, but neat!
I do NOT like this picture, but wanted one of me and Katie on the beach.  Brad was standing lower than us and let's be honest, that is NEVER a flattering angle...especially when pregnant!  But I am glad I have a beach picture with my cutie.
And then she wanted to sit on a pile of beach chair/benches.  Brad got her to laugh and be silly and they turned out pretty cute!
I love her giggly smile - she was really having fun here!
And then we headed to dinner...we got the last table outside - such a treat!  Nothing like a nice ocean breeze - and Katie and I sat on the same side so the wind wouldn't mess our hair up :)  You have to learn those things at some age...she might as well start now!
And when we were done with dinner, I had a server take our pic - not too bad, though Katie looks a bit silly :)
The restaurant has a playground for the kids (yes, we used this to make Katie eat her dinner) and I had one of the moms out there take a family pic too...this was the result...not too bad!
Katie had a blast...she was definitely worn out by the time we got home though!
When we travel and eat out, I like to take pictures of the restaurant names so I can remember where we go, so here is day 3's picture!  I love The Crab Trap - when we go to Destin, that is definitely a must!  So glad there was one just down the street from us on this trip!
Check back tomorrow for Day 4's adventures!  Hope you had a great weekend!


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  1. Awww, what great pictures! I just love Katie's dress :)