Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day: The Ferrell family

After Christmas with my Mom's family, we headed to my aunt & uncle's house for Christmas with my Dad's side of the family! It was so nice to get there, visit, have a glass of wine, and yes, eat again. Whew! Everytime I see my cousins, I am amazed at how old they look and how grown up they are becoming (I am the oldest grandchild - on both sides!). Katie took a special liking to a big stuffed gorilla named "Amy" when we were there on Thanksgiving, so they brought the animal back downstairs for Katie to play with again. Katie loved sitting in Amy's lap! So funny. After visiting and eating and football-watching for quite some time, we got together and began the festivities. My favorite Christmas tradition is when we all sit down and are quiet while my grandfather reads the Christmas story out of the family Bible (it is from pre-Civil War times) and lights the same candle that he has lit for the past 40+ years while doing this. I actually captured a picture this year just as he was finishing! What a wonderful, very blessed Christmas we had this year. I love seeing family and taking time to remember the real reason for Christmas.
Brad took a quick picture of me - not too bad!

Katie sitting with Amy :)


It kept snowing while we were there - Katie loved watching it out the front door!

This is about the best picture I could get of Katie's whole outfit!

I love this picture - Owen finishing the Annual Reading of the Christmas Story

Katie wore Nanny's necklace on her face and looked like Santa!!

And on the way home, we had one very, very tired baby girl! When we got home, she got her second wind and was running around like crazy though! Oh, the excitement of Christmas!

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