Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Season's First Snow!

Last Sunday, we had a big snow event for this area! It is also rare to get snow in the early part of December, so many were a bit skeptical that it would even happen. Well, needless to say - it did! And actually, they closed the roads around where we live now, so we were stuck (no biggy though because we would not have wanted to go anywhere anyway)! Anytime I want to host something, we have a big weather occurrence. The big flood was the same weekend as Katie's first birthday party, and then on this day, I was hosting a baby shower (be looking for a post on that soon). Here are some pictures from the fun!

I love this picture - it is like she is amazed at this white stuff falling from the sky. So neat.

I think she made a face similar to this one during one of last year's snows!

Playing with momma!

Can't forget Sadie - she LOVES the snow!

We had been out for a while here - notice the rosy cheeks!
DAY #2: We got outside again the next day with our neighbors! They have a little girl that just turned one - it was her first snow experience! I can't wait for her and Katie to get a little older...they will have so much fun playing together! And I love that her parents are Auburn fans too :)

The sun had started melting some of the snow...and it made it rather bright!

Playing together! Katie was showing her how it works!

I love this hadn't melted down by the fence - and the snow came up to Katie's knees!

....and she was done. Needless to say, naptime was near!

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