Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve Celebrations

Well, I am finally doing the quite lengthy Christmas posts. This year, I decided to break it down into Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve, we get together with Brad's family and eat a nice meal, visit, and open gifts. Of course this year, Katie was diagnosed with RSV/Bronchiolitis, and her worst day happened to be Christmas Eve. I'm so glad she felt better on Christmas Day, but I hate that she wasn't 100% for this celebration! It was so nice to just relax and have people over to our house, eat some delicious food (which of course included more sweets that should be legal), and dig into the presents. Here are some pictures of the evening!

When I saw this picture, I had to do a double take. Since when did my little baby look so BIG!?

She loved eating some marshmallows in the big chair.

Katie loved the tree. I'm still quite glad we put it in the office where we close the doors though. So pretty.

"Is it snowing yet?" or "Where's Santa?!"

I had to post some a few extra of Katie showing that she was actually having a good time even though she felt like poop!

She LOVED her broom and dustpan!

Sharing her baby doll with Granny.

What a neat present!! *cough, cough*

Playing with her Elmo purse and all of its contents

Uncle Darrell & Aunt Paulette

Brad with his sweet Momma

Grandmother would only be in a picture of it was with Brad!

Me with my sweet girl!

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