Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sittin' On Santa's Lap

Katie, hanging out with Daddy, before seeing Santa:
Katie, in the stroller, after seeing Santa:

Yep, this year's visit with Santa went just as I had anticipated. Katie was not a fan. Well, she did fine watching him, saying Ho Ho Ho, and all of that. Then it came time for her turn with the Jolly Guy - she had a death grip on me for sure. I guess every child needs a crying with Santa picture! She is still fine seeing him from a distance, but she does not want to be up close and personal with him!

After the visit and dinner, hanging out with Grandma!
Such a cute picture of Brad & Katie!

And here's the final product. I got this frame at a cute little store - and it will be the frame we use every year! I think it is so cute - and take a look at this year's picture!! HO HO HO!!

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