Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Morning: Cee Cee's House

So after we had Christmas morning celebrations at our house, we loaded up and headed to my mom's house. And as you will see in the first picture, we woke up to snow on the ground! That's right .... we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS! It was perfect - beautiful and covering the ground, but the roads were a-okay. Actually, later in the evening, it kept snowing, so we made sure to finally head home before the roads did get bad. Anyways, we had a great time at my mom's house - opening stockings, and unwrapping gifts, and eating the traditional Hammies and a small glass of eggnog. Yumm...well, and of course eating a piece or 5 of candy out of our stockings :) Have to stick to tradition, right??
Beautiful snow on the ground!

Cee Cee gets a Christmas hug from Katie!

Katie's shirt for Christmas morning (I think she already has chocolate or something on it!)

Going to check out her stocking at Cee Cee's house! Of course she goes for the goldfish first!

Hanging out with Dad as she eats goldfish and holds onto a few other stocking items

Unwrapping a present from Uncle Will! I think that bag was one of her favorites!

Will unwrapping a gift from is a flatscreen for his room!

Carrying around the cool bag - I think she could really care less what is inside!

Cee Cee wrapped some things in a great big bag - Katie was sticking her head in there to see what all was in there!

Such a sweet girl.

COOL! An Elmo pizza set! (this would later be the toy that she would bring to Daddy, say Elmo!, and hand it to him to tell him she wanted to get the things out of the box!)

Mom opening a gift

Katie helping Cee Cee

Katie eating sharks at Cee Cee's house! She knows to walk over to the pantry to let us know she wants sharks! At this point, we were just letting her eat whatever she would - she was starting to feel better, but her appetite was definitely not all the way back!

I love this - this is her "Ho Ho Ho" face!! When asked what Santa says, she would reply with Ho Ho Ho and make this face :)

And, of course, a family picture! Smiles were few and far between, but at least she was being still and looking at the camera!

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