Thursday, December 23, 2010

Project Gingerbread House

Earlier this fall, I was Costco with my mom and saw the kit to create a gingerbread house. I especially liked it because the house itself was already put together! I thought this would be the perfect holiday project that the whole family could participate in. So I bought it and shoved it in a closet. I'm so glad I remembered I had it - it was so fun! And it really was a family affair. Brad piped the icing onto the house, I decorated with the candy, and Katie oversaw our work. Actually, Katie made sure the candy stayed organized and that the icing was mixed properly and ready to use! We did learn a lesson this year though - make sure Katie has eaten dinner before we do this. She was so angry when we wouldn't let her eat the candy (most of it was choking hazard size!), so we sat her in the highchair and fed her dinner while we finished the house. Here are some pictures of our fun family project!
Everything ready to go!

Katie loved standing on a chair and being up and able to see what was on the countertop!

Organizing all the bags of candies

I just LOVE this picture! And actually, that is the apron I wore when I was little and helping my mom bake cookies! So neat.

Let the fun begin! I think Brad really did enjoy this part :)

A not-so-glamorous pic of us - we had a day at home because of the snow!

Katie helped me put some icing on!

And then she helped Daddy put a candy on the rooftop!

But she got hungry and wanted to eat a gingerbread tree (it was too hard - no such luck!)

Still hard at work...but making progress for sure!

And finally Katie was able to eat real food - green beans!

Putting the final touches on the masterpiece!

Voila! I think it is oh so cute. Wonder what we will do with it after Christmas? My mom mentioned sealing it with something so we can display it every year. Hm...we shall see about that!

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