Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day: The Young Crew

After we got ready for the day at my mom's house, we then headed over to have Christmas with my mom's family at my Grandmother's (Meme) house! We got together and visited and ate a delicious lunch. Then we headed into the living room where her beautiful tree was to open gifts. There is never a dull moment when that group gets together - they are quite entertaining, with stories of their days of growing up, funny jokes, etc. We tried to let Katie take a nap, but she wouldn't do it - I think her adrenaline was pumping because of all the excitement! And she wouldn't eat lunch either - just some more goldfish and a roll! Here are some pictures - I must do better next year of getting pictures of the family rather than just Katie. Oh well, enjoy!

Pretty tree with lots of gifts!

Katie loved playing the piano again!

Opening gifts - I love the look on her face trying to figure out what this box is!

Another hug for Cee Cee

Another family photo

Dancing around the room with Cee Cee - I absolutely love this picture. You can just see how much Katie is loving that!

I love this because you can see her profile in the background of the picture! I really want to get a silhouette done of Katie, but I know she's not old enough to sit still and have it done. Maybe next year!

Cutie patootie.

Trying to be sneaky and head up the stairs. Silly girl, Mommy is on to you!

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