Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas for Katie

In my previous Christmas decor post, I forgot to include the mini Christmas items that Katie has! So, I decided it warranted its own post anyway. So here we go. Katie has the Little Tykes Christmas set - it is about 4 or 5 boxes of sets to make a big nativity scene. In one box alone, the manger scene, it has 17 pieces! (yes, I counted...and yes, I wrote that on the box. I want to make sure we keep up with everything!) This year I decided we would start with the basics - the manger scene, the angel, Mary, Joseph, and of course, Baby Jesus. At first, Katie liked carrying the figurines around in whatever bag she could find, along with puzzle pieces, books, scraps of paper, etc. Now, she actually likes to play with the set. I can't wait to bring more elements of the scene out each year so she can re-enact the Christmas story with her toys!

Playing with the set the very first time. We have also been working on saying "Jesus" - she is getting better and better!

I remember having my own little tree in my room growing up, so I thought Katie would enjoy having her own! We headed to Hobby Lobby, found a cute little tree, and picked out some fun accessories. (and by we, I mean me) I found some cute little Sesame Street character ornaments, as well as some other accents that match her room. Here are some pics of Katie's very first Christmas tree!

Here she is, checking out Big Bird! She likes the tree a lot!

The finished product. Quite cute, I think!

Of course, I think this is her favorite! Elmo!

I love the pink star on top!

And here it is, on the top shelf of a bookcase next to the lamp. She loves to point at Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Abby every morning! (she also loves giving the Elmo card hanging in her room a kiss every time she goes to sleep or wakes up)

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