Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day: Morning Edition

What a Christmas we had! To further break it down, I am going to do 4 separate installments from Christmas Day. We stay busy - that's for sure! Anyways, I had to sneak downstairs before Katie got up because I wanted to see what all Santa had brought! Here are a few of the sneak peak pictures:
How thoughtful of Santa - he didn't want the stockings to fall on Katie, so he held them up with a hammer!

So pretty.

WOWEE!! Santa was good to Katie this year!
And then we went to wake Katie up. I hated having to wake her up, but we had a schedule to stick to! When she got up, this was what she looked like. She must have tossed and turned!
I do think she was a bit overwhelmed this year. Nanny & Papa spent the night since they were in town, so between having different people around first thing, not feeling 100%, and all of the new things, she didn't know what to think! Here are some more pictures of the morning. By the end, I think she was loving it, but she had to warm up to it a little!

First glimpse at all the goodies!

She LOVED the baby doll and stroller!

I think this is a neat picture. One of the few I got of her facing me and in front of the tree.

She loved opening and closing all the cabinets and doors in her new kitchen - just like she does in ours!

Sadie was quite excited too!

I got in the tent to see if she'd get in with me. This was about as close as she'd get. She loves it now, but she wasn't too sure at first.

"What's in here?!"

Sadie loved her goodies in her stocking! Two paws up, Santa!

She loves brushing her teeth, and she loves Elmo. Life is good.

A look of total joy.

Looking inside the bag to see what she could find. She ended up loving to put things in that little bag and just carry it around!

Such a sweet face. I love this!

Showing Papa Sadie's new toy.

Look at what all she has! Pulling the stroller and then the bag, and who knows what else!

I think she's a big fan of her kitchen! And she had to keep that stroller right next to her.

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