Friday, May 20, 2011

2 Year Appointment

We went to Katie's 2 year appointment this past Wednesday. She did great! And she's HUGE! And there no shots - I think that is a win-win for everybody involved!! :) Isn't she adorable in that picture? She loved sitting in all the chairs while we were waiting to be called back. Yes, we used hand sanitizer afterwards!

And now that she is 2, she weighs in on the big girl scales! Doesn't she look so grown up?! She tipped the scales at a whopping 33.5 pounds. But she had a very soggy diaper. And she proceeded to fill the ole diaper up even more after she weighed in. So I am going with around 33 pounds.
She was so impressed with herself for doing a good job on the scales - such a big girl!

And then the nurse measured her height like a big girl - exactly 3 feet tall! WHOA! She is 36 inches tall! I have heard that the height children are at 2 is half the height they will be when they are grown adults. If that is true, Katie will be GINORMOUS at 6 feet tall!

The rest of the appointment went well - Katie is right on track! The only thing I was slightly concerned with is Katie's speech. She has an extensive vocabulary - she says lots of words! But she only has a few "phrases" - as in, she is only putting 2 or more words together every so often. She understands everything we say to her or ask her to do. And she talks up a storm - it is just not words that we as adults understand. It is "Katie speak", if you will. The doctor didn't seem too concerned and suggested that her language should take off within the next 3 or so months. I know once she starts talking, there will be no stopping her. So for now, I will enjoy her words and few phrases and just try not to worry!

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