Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mother Daughter Tea

Earlier this week, Katie and I went to our first tea together! My neighbor asked if I wanted to go to the Mother Daughter Tea at a Chick Fil A not far from our house and it sounded like fun! So the 4 of us (me, Katie, Jill, & Stella) made a night of it. And it was so fun! They had a lady from Michael's there doing a craft (making a fan). There was a buffet of yummy food. And the Chick Fil A cow was there! I think the girls had a good time. Maybe last year their table manners will be a bit improved - Stella was dancing and dumped ice cream on her head, and then when we were heading out, Katie lifted her dress because she wanted to show someone her bellybutton! Here are some pictures of the fun...

I love that we both had dressed and necklaces and hats!
Jill & Stella! Stella is about 7 months younger than Katie - they are going to get into trouble together for sure!

I had no idea Katie could do so well with a regular cup! She drank lemonade at dinner and loved every minute of acting like a big girl!


Coloring while we waited on food!

Eating every last bit of the ice cream! That's my girl :)

And the fan we made - sitting with our hats, of course!