Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday Celebration #2: School

Katie also had a celebration at school! They asked that if I bring something to the class, that I not include something with frosting because that is too messy. So I made funfetti cupcakes for her to take to school! I thought they turned out pretty cute and yummy! And I found this birthday girl ribbon for her to wear at school too!

Katie was ready to go to school - and she wanted to take her play cups with her. Silly girl!
I left my camera with Katie's teachers at school and they took some cute pictures for me - such sweet women!

And her she is getting ready to slide...

They laughed about her outfit - she even picked it out! I gave her the choice of this outfit or another, and she picked this tutu dress one! And she acted differently when she had it on - so cute! And the tutu was so big she barely fit in her highchair for lunch!

I love that they line all the highchairs up for lunchtime! Here they are getting ready to eat the cupcakes I sent!

After eating - love those baby blues!

Katie's birthday sign on the door to her classroom!

And this is the typical scene on the way home - Katie has to have her milk and she always looks like she's in the zone. Headed home for naptime! :)

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