Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day!

"The angels, whispering to one another, can find, among their burning terms of love, none so devotional as that of 'Mother.'" ~Edgar Allan Poe

moth'-er: (n) a female or thing that creates, nurtures, protects, etc something

I woke up this morning to cards and gift cards on my nightstand. Definitely a sweet thought. But what really made my day, within just minutes of waking up, was Brad getting Katie up (definitely a real treat) and overhearing (on the monitor) him teaching her to say Happy Mother's Day! And then, after getting dressed for church, she ran into the room yelling Mommmeeeeeeeee. {L-O-V-E} Katie is what makes me be able to celebrate mother's day - and I am the luckiest momma in the world to call her mine.

On a different note, I have a wonderful mom, a great mother-in-law, and am lucky to have both of my grandmothers to celebrate with as well! We will celebrate with family this afternoon at the park with a picnic and some playtime. Sounds pretty perfect to me!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommas. Enjoy this day and be sure to give those kiddos an extra special snuggle!

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