Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Celebrations

OK, time to catch up on Easter, springtime fun, playing in the dirt, craftiness, and Katie's birthday celebrations! To round off the Easter celebration series, I wanted to do a last post about Easter goodies with Grandma, Easter morning, family pictures, etc! Grandma came on Easter Eve so Brad and I could go on a date night, so she brought her little goodies for Katie! And boy, oh boy, did Katie love those goodies! She got a new book (which she loves), Sesame Street coloring book, and crayons! She loves coloring now (separate post to come on that)! Here Katie is going through her goodies...

And she had to break out the crayons immediately - such the budding artist.
Love this picture!

And then we had to go to bed so that the Easter Bunny could make a quick visit! When we got up on Easter morning, we saw that the Bunny had come! We left a plate out with an easter basket cupcake (that I made - again, another post on that) - and some of it was gone! Mommy hopes to do better next year - she forgot to buy some carrots (that's what the plate says - carrots for the easter bunny)!

The Bunny also left Katie's goodies by the fireplace!

Katie loved it all - she even got her own little soccer ball that is pink!

She loved digging through all the goodies to see what all she got!

She thought her pink colored bottle of bubbles was a microphone! Silly girl....


And after all the basket excitement, we had to hurry and get ready for church! Katie's Easter dress was one that my mom made for me - I wore it when I was 3! -apparently I was a bit more petite when I was little- I thought it looked just perfect on Katie. And of course my mom loved that Katie was wearing a dress that I wore!

Momma and her sweet girl!

After church, we went to Cee Cee's house for a little while before the family lunch. Cee Cee had an Elmo basket for Katie - she was loving life for sure!

Before lunch, we did a few pictures! Here is my mom, my brother, Brad, me, and Katie! Not too shabby :)

And our happy family. Love the springy look of this picture!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!! I know we sure did!

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