Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Birthday Celebration #4: Party Time!

The final birthday post! And I apologize in advance - there are tons of pictures!! I have to, first of all, say that I canNOT believe my little girl is 2! I will now answer with "two" when people ask how old she is - whoa! Anyways - back to this post. We had Katie's birthday party at our house this past Saturday. Let me say this - Katie is very loved. She had lots of people attend her party! ... I think we had about 35 people or so here! We had family, friends of ours that love them some Katie, and some of Katie's friends with their families (also our friends)! Whew! And as you will quickly be able to tell, the theme was Elmo. And of course I had to incorporate some dots, one way or another. I think we can add another successful Katie party to the books! And here are just a few of the pictures (as you can well imagine, I took a ridiculous amount of them!)...enjoy!

What the people saw as they walked up our sidewalk!
I made this wreath for the front door - so fun! And I love that it could work for Valentine's Day, if we ever have a Minnie Mouse birthday party, etc!

Another view...

The spread of food on the island in our kitchen

The flowers with an Elmo balloon

A picture of Katie and a stuffed Elmo in the dome! (I did worry if some of the older kids would think that Elmo was suffocating. We did not run into that issue! Whew!)

Squeezy Elmo fruity yogurt - love that I found these!

One of my favorite pics of the day (I know, weird) - Elmo and Big Bird crackers!

The cupcake table!

I found this cupcake stand at TJ Maxx - and I love it! I am sure we will get some good use out of it for sure!

And I found the hat box at Hobby Lobby - it worked perfectly!

And displaying the invitation on the cupcake table (sorry folks - you don't need my address or phone number!)

A cute birthday banner - Elmo-style of course!

The goody table! I had been collecting Elmo items for months - I think I got everything in there from the dollar spot at Target or from Dollar General! And then I bought the little buckets and used a paint pen and wrote each child's name on there!

The Birthday Girl! She woke up from her nap and got dressed for her party. This was her coming downstairs and seeing Elmo everywhere!

This might have been as close to a full-body and full-outfit picture!

Always running!!

Jenny & Dave came in from Chicago for the party - and they got to meet Katie for the first time! I can't wait to meet their sweet baby girl! She is due in July!

My brother and grandparents!

We had all of Katie's riding toys, the sand/water table, a bean bag toss game, and balls in the backyard for all the kids to play with! And I don't think I got a picture of everything set up before the kids got to it. It was a hit for sure!

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Katie, happy birthday to you!!"

Grandma & Granny

Some of my sweet friends - Ashley and I were college roomies (she has an almost 3 month old little girl), Jenny and I have been friends for years and she is due in July with a little girl, Kara and I have been friends since 1st grade - 20 years!! - and she has two kiddos that we just adore, and Jill is my neighbor and has a little girl that is just precious! We joke that we need a tunnel in our fence for Stella to come play with Katie in our yard :)
Aunt Christie and Aunt Cat - Katie loves them both!

And a family pic - and yes, Brad and I both wore red to go with the Elmo theme!

"Mom, can I rip into these, please??"

Katie and her grandmothers! She was lucky enough to have both grandmothers, all of her great-grandmothers, and great-grandfather at her party! Wow!

My friend Amy with me - love this pic!

Katie & Carter playing with the funny!

Me with Christie and Cat!

Katie sitting with Jill and starting to open presents! Katie loves Jill, and Stella loves me - sometimes we trade for a few minutes and then it hits Katie and Stella both that they aren't with their momma and they are jealous that the other one is! Crazy girls!

Opening more presents

Taking a break and looking so cute!

Ripping into more of them! And Carter wanted to help too :)

Reading a card

Uncle Will gave her an Elmo photo album - perfect for her party pictures!

Loving her outfit from Meme - and being silly!

Taking a tickle break! :)

Opening the present from Cee Cee - an easel! Brad put it together and Katie has been giving it lots of kisses!

Reading some new books with Daddy

Katie made a haul! Thanks to everyone that made Katie's party so special and memorable! Glad the weather was perfect this year - and no floods!


I did want to make a note of where I got all of the different, cute things! Obviously, we had been planning on an Elmo party for a while, so it gave me time to look around and find exactly what I wanted! Here are some of the vendors that helped make the day so special!

Balloons & cupcake liners for the wreath: Polka Dot Market

Invitations: MNotes

Banner & sign in wreath: Frilly Frames-N-Things

Cute outfit: SheShe Made

Cupcakes: About Cake Etc.


  1. What a cute party and great decor! I didn't realize that wreath is made out of cupcake liners until the list at the end. So fun!

  2. Ash- I SOOO wish I could have been there with yall to celebrate Katie's 2nd!! I cannot believe it!!! She is growing up uber-fast. The Elmo theme is just absolutely precious! I love how she wore her Elmo, the cupcakes were Elmo.... Love it and and LOVE YOU!! Kisses to the family. XO