Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Two Year Old

I just went back and read parts of the 18 month post I did for Katie. It is so amazing how much she has learned and progressed since then! I did notice that I used two words (WILD WOMAN, to be exact) to describe her, and I am certain that is still the truth! She is independent. She is sweet. She is loving. She is smart. And she is absolutely adorable. Here are some stats on her at the two year mark followed by some pictures! Surprised? Surely not!

Height: ??? - We go to her 2 year appt on May 18, so I will report back on that!

Weight: Ditto!

Diaper Size: 5

Clothing Size: 3T (though she can still wear some 2T things as well - as usual, it depends on how the particular brand runs)

Eating: She still loves to eat! She has gotten slightly more picky, but she still loves fruit and cheese! She loves a Mexican meal - cheese quesadilla, beans, and rice for sure! She also loves muffins or mini pancakes for breakfast. She absolutely loves raspberries. And green beans. And she prefers cheese slices over string cheese. Katie also loves to feed herself! And she is really good at it now too! She is still drinking from sippy cups, but she also drinks from straws - and she loves juice boxes. The good thing about turning 2 is that she can drink whatever milk we drink (1%) - hooray for only one kind of milk in my cart now!

Sleeping: Still amazing. And still in a crib. And she will be until she tries to climb out. I love that she will play and sing in her crib an extra 30 minutes in the morning or after naptime. Momma needs some sleep and/or peace & quiet!

Favorite Book: Anything Elmo. Or Sesame Street. And she also keeps bringing me Dr. Seuss' One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish lately.

Favorite Songs: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", "Mr. Golden Sun", "Jesus Loves Me", "ABCs"

Favorite Toys: She loves the Tickle Me Elmo she got for her birthday - she especially loves letting him slide in the backyard! She also loves her cozy coupe. And the babydoll stroller. And her purse.

Favorite Activities: I think we have a budding artist on our hands! She loves to color with crayons (more to come on that). She also loved her paint with water yesterday! She got an easel for her birthday, so I am sure she will love that. I also want to introduce sidewalk chalk to her! She also loves feeding her stuffed animals and dolls. She prefers her little Elmo plate with a pink spoon to have the "food" on and then feeds anything and everything she can! She would play outside all day if I'd let her. She loves all of her "cars" (tricycle, cozy coupe, little car that I push, Princess car, etc) and playing with bubbles. She also likes to play in the dirt! We planted the tree that Cee Cee gave her and she loved using her shovel and moving the dirt around. She also loves playing with her friends at Mother's Day Out - I love that she loves it!

Melt My Heart Moment: Anytime she reaches towards me with those arms wide open for a great big hug - {love}! I also love her bedtime routine! Most of the time she gets a bath. Then we get a new diaper and jammies on. Then she brushes her teeth. Then we sing "Jesus Loves Me". Then she gives the Elmo card on her memo board a kiss. Then she turns on her humidifier. Then we have a family hug (including Sadie) and kisses. Then we lay her down. Lovey goes on her right. Elmo and Eeyore go on her left. Cover her up and go "tuck, tuck, tuck". Then she drinks water. Then we say our "I love YOUs" and blow kisses and say "night night". And we are done. She is definitely a creature of habit - if we try to leave a step out or if all her animals are in the wrong place or not close enough to her face, she does not like it!

On The Horizon: This is a looking forward to and not so much - potty training! I think we will do potty training boot camp this summer so she can be outside and naked more easily (after the cicadas leave, of course). She does sit on the potty before bathtime and typically will go pee pee. And we make a huge deal about it, so I think she knows that is what she should do. And she knows when she poops. So I think that will happen - hopefully by the end of the summer. Another thing is that I hope she will start keeping clippies and bows in her hair more consistently. We were playing next door and she found a headband and loved it. Of course that meant that I had to buy one and order a couple more. She did pretty well with it - and it is adorable! And it kept her hair out of her face. Win - win for sure!

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  1. She is looking way grown up lately. I love that headband!