Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I have been trying to decide whether to try out WILW or not - and clearly I decided to give it a go! I think everyone needs a moment at least once a week to remember the blessings and "little things" in their life! To link up, visit here.

I'm loving that the weather is FINALLY supposed to start acting normal! SHEESH! It has felt like October here - not the middle of May! I am ready for some sunshiney weather with warmer temps for sure!

I'm loving that the cooler temperatures have kept the cicadas from flying everywhere and making a bunch of noise!

I'm loving my blog. I really do love keeping up with our hectic life. And thanks to those of you that think it's kinda cool too!

I'm loving that Katie loves to play with her friends. This morning we went to the playplace at the mall and she and her friend had a blast! Of course, Katie had to carry around her sunglasses. Ugh...such the diva!

I'm loving that Katie is loving to play dress up! She loves to wear a blanket like a cape! And she has beads she will wear. And one of my winter hats that she LOVES. I need to find some good, cheap dress up clothes!
I'm loving rainbows. This is what I saw off my deck last week.

I'm loving that with every day, Katie loves Sadie even more. Doesn't Sadie look like she's in heaven here??

I'm loving that Katie loves to pretend now! Here she is tucking Elmo in. He has a teddy bear, a washrag as a lovey, and then a dishtowel as a blanket. She also has conversations on her play phones and washes her hands in her little kitchen!

I'm loving my new headband! I ordered it from a Facebook shop a couple weeks ago and juts thought to wear it today!

I'm loving that there are no gray hairs in that close up picture of my head.

I'm loving these headbands that I got from my friend today!! She made these - aren't they absolutely adorable?! And Katie and I can each wear one with the same fabric and match!

What are YOU loving today??


  1. Those headbands are so pretty!

  2. Stopping by from WILW. Yo have sch a cte daghter, and I love the headbands! : )

  3. I love that you keep such good notes on your family!! And I love reading each and every one of your posts. Katie looks so cute on the scale. I showed Justin the photo and went on to say what a shawdee!! And then you said she is 3' tall! Wow ;)