Sunday, May 15, 2011

Things I Love Right Now....

1) Instead of saying "ka-boom!"...Katie says "PA-BOOM!!!" I hear this often as this is what she says when she trips or falls down :)

2) When we are going places in the car, I must wear my sunglasses. A lot of times I wear my sunglasses on my head to keep my hair out of my face (or, let's be honest - if I didn't wash it the night before) and Katie things if we are in the car, they absolutely must be on my face!

3) Katie knows what a bra is. Mine was hanging on the back of the bathroom door and she found it, held it up and said "baaah"(meaning "bra"), and brought it to me.

4) We were in Hobby Lobby the other day, and Katie was being so sweet. She kept wanting hugs and was just adorable. She saw a freckle on my chest kind of near my neck and kissed it and said "All better!". From there she was just being silly. And then she proceeded to put her hands on my boobs and yelled "BALLS!!!" like she was so excited that she found something to play with. Oh dear. I just laughed.

5) When we are eating, Katie must have some of Brad's food. It makes no difference what meal it is or how much of her own food she has or if it is even the same thing that she is eating - she must eat her Daddy's food.

6) She has to have sauce on her french fries. And chicken nuggets. And tortilla chips. It is hilarious! Even if she has taken a bite and all that is left is a little crumb - she is dipping that bad boy in whatever sauce we happen to have on the table (ketchup, cheese dip, salsa, etc). I know she definitely gets that from me!

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