Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Craft Corner: Polka Dot Wreath

I think I have a wreath problem. Making them, that is. I love making rag wreaths - I think they are adorable and fun! Also, I made the cupcake liner wreath for Katie's party and loved it! The beginning of that craft involves just wrapping a styrofoam form with ribbon before hot gluing all 150 cupcake liners to it - and I loved that look too! So I bought another form and decided to just do the ribbon-wrapping part of that project. I wanted some ribbon that would work for spring and early summer, and of course it had to have polka dots! I used 3 spools of the ribbon and had a small problem - it didn't cover all of the styrofoam! So I decided to make a tulle ribbon - and I'm so glad I did! I love the way this turned out! Now, all I need to do is spray it with some waterproofing, sunproofing spray so that it works outside on the front door. Oh, and you will notice in one of the pictures that I have a hanger already on my door and this wreath is a little too thick to fit on the hanger, so I think I may try to hot glue a small piece of ribbon on the back to hang it on the door with. We will see about that! But I {so} love this wreath!

See that hanger on my front door? I need something to loop on that hanger, I think! I don't want it to fall off of the door everytime it is opened or closed!

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  1. Very cute! I love your wreaths! You could take a strip of tulle and tie it to the hanger. Just an idea!