Monday, May 23, 2011

Mother's Day!!

Sooooooo.....I just realized I never did a recap on Mother's Day this year! OOPS!! But better late than never, right?! Oh my - I may just be losing my mind! It was a great day - we went to church and relaxed and then went to the park with both of the grandmoms and my brother and ate dinner and let Katie play! What fun! I love that it was relaxed and informal - we didn't have to make reservations anywhere and get dressed up and eat at a loud restaurant where we wouldn't be able to hear eachother well enough for a conversation. This was the same way we celebrated last year and decided it was just perfect! Also, thanks to my great hubby and sweet little girl, I get to get a massage at my favorite spa - AND I have most of the money in a gift card to buy a Kindle! I have been wanting one for some time, but I have so many paper books that I want to read. So I am hoping I can get through some of my books and then be ready to purchase a Kindle when they go down in price. Sounds like a good plan, right? Here we are with some of the pics from Mother's Day!

Me with my little Sweet Pea - she is a nut!
Sitting on the picnic blanket at the park. Cee Cee was blowing bubbles and she thought it was great fun for sure!

Sadie even went to the park with us!

Hilarious! She is so funny - I think this is the perfect caption for this picture: "Have your people call my people."

A good picture of my brother!

Brad with his sweet momma!

Will and me with our sweet momma!!

And of course Katie wanted to jump in a picture too!! I think she was starting to get tired here - looks like she's zoning out!

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