Sunday, September 18, 2011

Barn Sale

What a great idea!  I got a postcard in the mail a few weeks ago that the farm near us was having a Barn Sale.  The postcard looked pretty neat, so I checked out the website and Facebook pages.  It looked awesome!  These antique-y, vintage, cool vendors set up shop in the big barn and you go shop!  And there was live music, food, horseback rides for kids (though that wasn't up and running when we were there) - it was so cool!  I did buy a few things - Katie saw a pink headband she just had to have.  And I got her an ADORABLE little knit hat for this winter.  The person that makes the hats also wrote a book - so I bought that book and am planning to learn to knit.  I just can't stand spending all that money on things I know I am capable of.  Add that to my list (which also includes scrapbooking, sewing, photography, and now knitting).  Oh, and I also got myself a cool scarf.  Again - maybe one day I will make them :)  Anyway, we had a great time!  Here are some pictures of the adventure!
 my girl & me!  love our baby blues....
 she was such a ham!  waiting on elmo to come on sesame street while she was eating breakfast.
 and here we are at the sale!  let the fun begin - and yes, all of the fall goodies really make me happy!
 katie was so proud of her stamp.  she held her hand in this exact fist for over 30 minutes and kept looking at it to make sure it was still there.
 heading into the barn! how cool!
 another view of the barn - there were actually 2 barns full of vendors and some tents set up as well!
 this is THE hat!  i can't wait to get the real deal...and I got it big enough that it should last a few seasons.  this girl better start loving hats - she's got quite a little collection!
 after we were done, she loved looking at the horses.
 my attempt #1 at an "artsy fartsy" picture - hm.  what do you think?  it screams farm to me!
 and here are shots #2 and #3 - unfortunately, the model was not cooperating.  nice idea though, right??
what a beautiful fall day!

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  1. Ashley, thanks for stopping by my blog last week. I'm so happy I cam across yours...your family is beautiful!!