Saturday, September 10, 2011

Resolution Recap: August

This post is a little late, but better late than never, right?? And it's always a good review for me...
1) Read 14 books: I am making progress!  Labor Day Weekend allowed me to make major progress on this one.  I think I have completed 8 books so far.  My current work-in-progress is this:
2) Learn to sew: I have LOTS of cute fabrics that I want to do something with.  And I have borrowed a sewing machine from a friend.  Now, I just need to put it on a table and give it a try.  The worst thing that happens is I don't get it right the first time and need a seam ripper.  Does anyone have any good websites or blogs to get ideas for a beginner's project?  I was thinking of trying to do a pillowcase dress, but I may need something even more "beginner" than that!
3) Cook more frequently: Doing MUCH better on this!  Doing the meal share with our neighbors definitely helps, and then posting about it on Foodie Fridays holds me even more accountable.  I definitely spend a little bit more at the store, but if we ate out each night, we'd be spending even more!
4) Read the Bible everyday and read it all the way through: I definitely read passages everyday but have yet to get back into my daily reading assignments.  I really must do better at that this month.
5) Use treadmill/work out at least 4 times/week: Doing better at this too!  Since Katie is back in MDO, I make it a point to run or use the treadmill on those days.  And then I try to go by my mom's on another day and let her do art projects with Katie for me to run in her neighborhood.  I can run 1.3 miles without stopping - I consider that a huge feat!  Now if I can just get past that and add to it :)
6) Use coupons when I shop: If there are coupons for the items I need at the store for the recipes in my meal plan, I definitely use them.  And when meal planning, I try to use what we have on hand.  With that said, I find it hard to meal plan and find recipes and also use coupons.  But I need to get back into the drugstore couponing for toiletries, cleaning products, etc!
7) De-clutter & simplify: I haven't done so well at that this month.  In fact, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all our stuff.  We are coming up on living in this house for one year (can it be possible?!) and we have definitely accumulated a LOT of crap!  I need to use a day when Katie is at MDO and just go through different closets and have a big Goodwill box, a trash bag, and methods of organization ready to go!
8) Find a Sunday school class at church: Ugh.  We all want to.  I mentioned to Brad that maybe tomorrow we could go.  Hoping we can get up early and give it a go!
9) Buy fresh flowers once/month: I made up for not having any around in July - we had two different bunches this month!  Our neighbor's parents came to town and they brought these beauties!  They actually raise these and have won a bunch of awards!  LOVE them!
 And then my friend came over for dinner one night and brought us these flowers.  I love sunflowers, and I think the hydrangea combo is just perfect!
10) Have a date night with Brad at least once/month: Hm.  I think we did that.  I know we went to a Titans pre-season game.  I think that counts :)
11) Send 2 hand-written notes per month: I'm not so sure I did this.  So that means I need to do 6 this month to catch up for July and August!
12) Have another baby: Ugh. Nope.  But I do have a new plan.  And it doesn't include injectables anymore.  Hoping it works!
13) Use more eco-friendly cleaners: Still doing about the same.  So yes on some and also working on using up all the other ones we have purchased.  I also have yet to use my floor steam cleaner (gasp!).  Even after all of that research I put into it - I am happy with the purchase and am sure I will be even more excited once I actually use it.  I need to do that at least once a month (if not more often) to sanitize and clean!
14) Have structured learning time each day: Potty training has still taken the forefront of this.  We have lots of panties.  And some books about being a big girl and using the potty.  And potty treats.  And a doll that drinks and goes potty.  I just need to pull the trigger and go cold turkey with stopping the diapers - except maybe at naptime/bedtime.  Hoping we can get this going soon.  I think, rather than the little potties, I want to get the big potty inserts so that we don't have to have another habit to break.  We shall see.

How are you doing with your resolutions this year? I can't believe we only have a few more months of 2011 left...then it is time for more resolutions!

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  1. I'm also feeling like this year flew by. I've done okay on my resolutions for this year. Just okay. Next year my resolution is going to be to not make so many resolutions!