Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just Some Randoms...

I have a bunch of random pictures that are too cute to not post, so I decided it was time to just do a random post!  Katie is at Mother's Day Out while I type this - looking at all these fun pictures makes me miss her even more!  Here is a little of what we've been up to over the last week or so!
 {Katie at my mom's house - waiting on one of her favorites at Cee Cee's...lotion!  Cee Cee always gives her some lotion for her hands and she loves that!}
 {I just had to post this - we are not always smiles at our house!  Katie was sitting in time out here and not too thrilled about it.  She is just now getting to where I sit her down and she understands that she is in trouble and must stay put.  I make her sit there until she can say "Sorry, Mommy" and give me a kiss.  I also, of course, explain why she had to sit in time out!}
 {She loves to help water the flowers!  She clearly has been paying attention - she grabbed the watering can and went right up to the spicket!}
 {I love this picture! This toy was my cousin's when he was little - he is in college now!  My aunt gave it to me for Katie to play with and it stays in the garage.  She plays with it while I bring in groceries and likes to sit in the driveway to play with it too!}
 {I love this one too - trying to blow bubbles!}
 {Katie loves playing with all of her animals, creatures, etc!}
 {Playing with rice - please excuse the diaper...would be a cool picture if her diaper wasn't showing!}
 {She loves to scoop and dump the rice out.}
 {Modeling her raincoat for Daddy before Mother's Day Out earlier this week.  She was so proud of her "dot coat"!}
 {After Mother's Day Out, we went to get ice cream - a definite treat!  So fun!}
{She loved her birdy clippie - here she is showing it to me!}

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  1. Love the time out face. Poor. pitiful girl! And her outfit in the first couple of pictures is SO cute!