Sunday, September 4, 2011

Silly Katie

I have so many blog posts rolling around in my head - Resolution Recap from August, the first college football weekend of the season, an awesome gender reveal party we went to last fun!  But I was lucky enough to get to sleep in this morning (I was worn out!) - Brad got up with Katie AND brought me breakfast in bed.  I am one lucky lady.  After I ate, I wanted to read, but the book I am currently working on was in the car from our quick roadtrip to a football game yesterday.  So I started a new one.  That totally breaks one of my personal rules of having multiple books going at the same time, but this one is so good!  So...I wanted to do a quick post so I can go try to finish this book (it is raining cats and dogs here and Katie is asleep and Brad is playing is video game...perfect time to get comfy and read).

After I decided to get out of bed (at 10:45 AM), I came downstairs to read books with Katie and lounge.  We watched some Elmo and some Yo Gabba Gabba and Brad read message boards from last night's UT game.  All of a sudden, we didn't hear any noise from the sunroom (AKA "Katie's Playroom") and started to get curious.  We got off our hineys, walked in, and found her like this:

And then she wanted her Nemo float on.  What a silly girl.  She was sitting in this canvas bin AND there was enough room for her cup of milk and her Elmo laptop too.  Impressive, right??  Stay tuned for some fun  posts about our adventures over the last week or so!  And now I am heading back to my cozy spot with my book...

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