Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthday Boy Celebrations

When we got back from the beach, it was time to get together with our families to celebrate Brad getting old.  He said he really didn't care where we went, as long as he got a birthday cake from his favorite local place.  I surely had no problem with that because the cakes truly are AMAZING!  Here is a picture of the yummy goodness - a UT cake!
 We got together with my mom and brother and Brad's mom - so much fun!  It wasn't too crowded and loud so we actually all got to visit!  And the food was yummy - Longhorn's so a nice change for sure!  And of course the cake was delicious - here is Brad about to blow out the candles!
 And success! I decided not to embarass him and put the full number of candles on the cake - it would have been a fire hazard! hahaha...
 And he had some cards and little goodies to open!  What a fun birthday!
 And we had to take some other pictures too.  In this one, I told Katie I was going to take a picture of her with Grandma...she leaned right over and had the cutest smile.  Didn't it turn out great?!  I just love it!
 And then this picture of me and the hubs - so cute! I think I may just have to put it in a frame!
 And Katie was being a goofball with the tissue paper that Brad had in a gift - she was making a necklace (after playing peek a boo, of course)!
 And Katie with Cee Cee! So sweet.  They sat next to eachother at dinner - it was nice to be able to visit with my brother and not have to be "hands on" with the little lady!
 And then me, Katie, and Cee Cee - not too shabby of a 3 generation picture!
It was so fun celebrating Brad's birthday - he is welcome to get old as often as he'd like if it means that yummy cake!

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