Monday, September 26, 2011

Beach Trip!

First of all, let me say this: this is a long post.  So be warned.  Grab some coffee/water/tea/wine and sit back and relax! I took almost 300 pics, so narrowing it down to this many was a big accomplishment (I think)!  Plus, I love being able to "relive" our trip through pics...I think I can hear the ocean now!  Anyways, here we go with the LONG post of pics and comments....enjoy!
 {loaded up and ready to hit the road!  we drove down there through the night - left home at 8:30 PM hoping Katie would snooze...she did great! she slept about half the drive and was so good!}
 {we arrived! here is miss priss at our first meal out while we were there - I think it was dinner}
 {and we took a walk on the beach - we found lots of jellyfish!  we didn't see any actually in the water, but saw quite a few washed up on the beach!}
 {katie loved playing in the sand - love it!}
 {i just love this picture - she is showing me her sandy hands}
 {running on the beach to her daddy - so cute! and yes, we did get rained on...}
 {ready to hit the pool!}
 {she just loves jumping!}
 {the view from our balcony}
 {more pics at the pool - she loved her Dot Suit!}
 {and then we went to play on the beach...she just plopped right down and began digging!}
 {cutie patootie}
 {she also enjoyed sitting where the water washed on the beach.  the waves broke a little further out and then shallow water washed onto the beach - it was perfect to play in!}
 {love this one!}
 {she was using her Elmo camera to take a picture of the beach - too funny!}
 {a picture with the birthday boy before heading to dinner!}
 {and a family picture too! too bad katie wouldn't cooperate...}
 {heading to the beach! love this - she matches her bucket!}
 {enjoying the beach!}
 {love her little tan lines! and that was with wearing SPF 55!}
 {a bird (crane, maybe?) playing in the surf}
 {a view of our condo building!}
 {this may be one of my favorites too - she's having so much fun!}
 {yes, I was on the trip too - I just took most of the pictures!}
 {beach bum - so cute!}
 {oh! and a picture of us before dinner!}
 {and a picture after dinner - she just would not cooperate in a picture with me!}
 {pretty sunset while walking to get ice cream}
 {every night she loved sitting in the "big chair" and reading and snuggling with me.  needless to say, I was not complaining!}
 {love her expression - heading to the pool in our hats!}
 {another balcony view - so pretty!}
 {what I did during naptime - beer and a book and the beach...not too shabby, huh!}
 {sunset after dinner at my favorite restaurant down there}
 {and finally a good one! except I look kind of like a turtle}
 {my two loves!}
 {she loves her daddy for sure}
 {a keeper! love this girl!}
 {and another try at a family picture - at least Katie is looking at the camera!}
 {yes...trying to be artsy fartsy.  not too bad, I don't think!}
 {my favorite restaurant down there - love, love, love it!}
 {picture of the restaurant!}
 {and a family pic at dinner on our last night - probably the best one, except the flash washing us out...oh well!}
 {balcony view before we left}
 {I love this one - ocean and beach at the bottom with lots of sky...again, artsy fartsy}
 {goodbye, beach!}
{katie found this little chair right before we left.  she kept moving it around when we were loading and packing up - she wanted to sit in it wherever Brad and I were!}

What a great trip - not much to do except go to the pool, go to the beach, and eat!  Sounds like a perfect vacation to me :) If we go back there, maybe we will head to Orlando for a day or two as it is just about an hour and a half away.  I know Brad got pretty bored at the end - he actually was able to convince me to leave early afternoon Friday instead of waiting until that night to be on the road.  It was definitely nice to get home in time to actually sleep in our own bed!  Hope you enjoyed a recap of our trip :)

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  1. Beautiful pics! Looks like ya'll had a great time! The beach is my favorite place to be : )