Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

 Welcome back, y'all!! It is Wednesday - kinda strange with a short work-week.  I am certainly not complaining though!  Here's what I'm loving today...and brace yourself, today's is a long post - and I think I'm inspired by the changing seasons!

I'm LOVING this new garden flag I found.  I think it is just perfect for the transition from summer to fall!  And I also love that pineapples are a sign for welcome!
 I'm LOVING this mint frappuccino.  I saw this at the store and thought they'd be a special treat.  They are pretty rich, so I have been drinking one over the course of a couple of days.
 I'm LOVING my dot cooler! Isn't it so cute?? :) I wish it were better insulated - when we took it to the game this past weekend, it leaked the whole way!  Good thing I put a towel under it in the car.
 I'm LOVING that I have switched to this cute purple purse.  I wanted to feel a bit more "fall-ish" (plus I hadn't changed purses in like a year and a half!).
 I'm LOVING my purple toenails (and the pedicure I got with the purple color choice).  Hm...I think I must be loving purple in general - what do you think?
 I'm LOVING another fall color!  I painted my own nails with a color I bought last fall - "You Don't Know Jacques"...I just love it when my nails are painted!
 I'm LOVING that we FINALLY got some rain!  I wish it hadn't rained so much over the holiday weekend, but we certainly did need it!  And it gave me an excuse to read more - and I finished TWO books!  More to come about that in a later post.
 I'm LOVING the cooler temps!  Yesterday, my car said it was 57 degrees the entire day.  I know it is supposed to warm up later this week, but I am loving the fall feel.
 I'm LOVING that Katie feeds Sadie.  I am going to make her a "chore chart" (or "star chart" or something) and this will definitely be one of her items!  Maybe I will get inspiration from Pinterest...
 I'm LOVING that my hair is now fall-ready!  I had a Groupon for a haircut and highlights and used it yesterday.  I love it!   
 I'm LOVING this candle!  It is Plum Nutmeg and, again, reminds me that fall is near.
 I'm LOVING these two!  That is a given, right?? :)

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