Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Football Time In TENNESSEE!!!

First of all, I just want to say how EXCITED I am that it is finally college football season again.  That means cooler weather is even closer (in fact, it has arrived here already!) and lots of time with friends, food, and football will be in store.  This past weekend we came across 2 tickets to the season opener for UT - Brad's favorite team (and alma mater)!  So Brad's mom came over and stayed with Katie and we made a quick day trip east to cheer on the Vols!

It was supposed to be SUPER hot and we decided a different style of tailgating.  Rather than set up shop on campus near the stadium (which is also fun), we parked in a parking deck a mile or two from campus and went to a restaurant!  So we were able to watch other games (including the end of the Auburn game), eat some yummy food, and have a few drinks all while soaking in the AC.  And then we went to the parking deck where our cars were.  We did the more "traditional style" of tailgating there - the chairs, coolers, tossing the football, and a few more drinks.  Oh and cookies.  Delicious cookies.

From there, we took a shuttle to campus - it was perfect!  It was $5 roundtrip and it dropped us off just about a block from the stadium.  We went in, sat down, and waited for the game to start.  And then we noticed some clouds off in the distance.  And then we saw lightning.  And then the weather delay began.  And we soon learned why.  Thankfully out seats were covered (though we still got wet thanks to the whipping wind) - I can't imagine how drenched we would have been had our seats not been covered!  And then finally, after an hour and 40 minutes of delay, it was kickoff time!  Let football season commence!  We  left near the end of the 3rd quarter since we were driving home that night.  Thank goodness for a "W"!! Made the drive home a bit better.  Here are some pics from our day!
 {me with the polka dot cooler - love it}
 {me with Melinda! so glad to hang out with friends - we sure do miss them!}
 {while we waited in line to get into the stadium - they had a purse only line and it took FOR-EV-ERRR!}
 {noticing the sky looked a little ominous}
 {not the best pic of us, but it will do!}
 {the boys! chuck's wife is 9 months pregnant, so she decided to stay at home - can't say that I blame her!}
 {and then the voice over the loudspeaker said to seek shelter...}
 {and this was why...}
 {a little wet! but excited that hopefully the game would start soon...}
{and it was game time! go vols!}

I have to say - I kind of felt like a traitor cheering on UT on the opening weekend of college football.  I was getting text updates the whole drive to Knoxville, so I was able to stay in the loop on the game...and then thankfully was able to watch the end of it! It was a close one, but so glad we got the "W"!  Could be a long season though - they had that much trouble against Utah State.  Oh well...bring on more football!

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  1. Loved spending the day with you guys! Also, I am stealing your pictures. They turned out better than mine!!!