Monday, September 5, 2011

Gender Reveal Party: Pink or Blue?

 Last weekend some of our friends had a party to share the pink-or-blue news with their friends and family!  It was so fun!  It was at his parents' beautiful home (think Southern Living - in fact, it has been featured in Southern Living!) and they catered in BBQ and delicious sides.  Once we had all had time to enjoy some Rotel Dip and wings, plus had time to eat dinner, it was time!  Their sister-in-law made two cakes - one with pink cake and one with blue cake.
 They had to make sure they knew which was which so they cut the right one!  They slowly sliced into a cake - and then displayed it to everyone....
 ....It's A Girl!!!!
 We were all so thrilled for them.  Katherine was my freshman roommate at Auburn - and I went to high school with her husband!  Here is Ashley and her sweet Avery, me and with Katie, and Katherine pregnant with her sweet little girl!  (Ashley and I were roommates at Auburn also - and I went to high school with her husband too!)  We can't wait to meet that sweet girl in January!
 And of course a picture of all the daddies - and Katie had to jump in too :)  Dallas (Rob) is the daddy-to-be (also was our realtor!) and Andrew (Ashley's hubby) is on the right.  Another fun fact - we all live in the same neighborhood!
It was a great time to celebrate with them as they prepare for a new, exciting phase of life!

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