Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Boy + His Dog

Thank goodness we have a sweet, patient dog!  Jack loves watching and playing with Sadie.  The other day we were down on the floor playing and Sadie came over - I'm so glad I had my phone!  This progression of pictures is too cute...

"Look here, Sadie.  I know I'm little, but I mean business.  And if you do what I say, I will play with you and love on you just like Big Sis does."
 "That was a good chat.  Nice doggy."
 "Oh, hi mom! I'm just playing with Sadie!"
 And then Sadie goes in with a big, slobbery kiss!
I do know that Sadie gives kisses as a defensive keeps Jack busy and keeps his hands away from her whiskers!  Pretty smart, if you ask me!



  1. How sweet! It looks like Sadie is really good with him!

  2. That is SO cute and hilarious!!!! I feel like Anley "talks" to our dogs like that too!!