Thursday, January 31, 2013

Better Late Than Never: 2013's Goals

Well, I told myself I would do a "goals post" in January.  Nothing like the last minute, right?  I think I did a good job with my goals last year, but there is always room for improvement.  This year's goals are sort of similar, but I've thrown a few new ones in.  Last year I decided not to make definitive resolutions - I like this approach much better.  
I found this and I think it pretty much summarizes up my goals.  I love all of the little goals or words of wisdom!  
Goal #1: Get fit
I have lost about 28 pounds since the end of August, 2012, and I want to keep up the hard work!  I love seeing progress and being able to fit into "new" clothes!  I want to eat healthier and get in better shape.  I want to be a good role model for Katie and be able to keep up with her and Jack, and I think fitness/healthy choices is one big way to do that!  Not to mention I feel so much better and more confident.  
Goal #2: Make sure the ones I love know how much I love them as often as possible.
I want to remember to tell them and show them.  I want Brad to know how very loved he is.  And I want Katie and Jack to know how much their mom loves them.  And my parents.  And my brother.  And my grandparents.  And my whole family.  And my friends.  I think I take for granted that everybody knows how loved and important they are and I want to do better about saying it and showing it.
Goal #3: Focus on the here and now.
There is no reason to worry or try to anticipate.  And I am really bad about that.  With these two crazies, it is easy to want them to become more independent or learn to do this or that.  I need to do better about relishing the here and now.
Goal #4: Pray more.
This kind of goes along with goal #3...I need to remember to hand my worries to God.  I want to be a role model for Katie and Jack with prayer and faithfulness and quiet time.
Goal #5: Focus more on the kids and less on the other "stuff"...
I am guilty of spending too much time on the computer or the Pinterest app on my phone when I really need to be more engaged as a momma.  I know there are responsibilities around the house that I need to take care of - but I also have these sweet children that need me.  And they often need my undivided attention!  Sure, I need to be sure to take time for myself.  But Facebook is not more important than reading a book with Katie and Jack or baking cookies, or rolling around on the floor.
Goal #6: Step it up a notch in the daily wardrobe category!
I am way guilty of throwing on workout pants and a shirt and tennis shoes.  Part of this is because I want to be ready to exercise if I come across some extra time.  It is also easier to throw the hair in a ponytail and get out the door in the morning.  But I have all these clothes in the closet (even more selection now that I've lost weight!) that I should wear!  And it does not take me long to put makeup on - I need to do it!  And when we are going out, I need to actually fix my hair!  I just bought a nicer curling iron and hair spray so I can give it a go.  Sure, there are days where workout clothes are a good idea.  But I need to do better about looking more "put together" in public!
Goal #7: Keep reading
I haven't done much reading lately and I really miss it.  I need to get back into that swing of things.  In fact, I have Gone Girl waiting on my Kindle - I need to start it!
Goal #8: Learn to use my sewing machine - and actually make useful things!
I have had this sewing machine over a year and it is still in the box.  I keep buying a yard or two of fabric when I see something I love for the kids.  Now, I need to USE IT! I could so easily make shorts for Jack or a pillowcase dress for Katie!  This is the year.
Goal #9: Less is more.
We have so.much.stuff.  That's what happens when you have more storage.  You fill it up.  And we also have all the baby gear.  Whew!  I need to make myself get into the frame of mind of going through the stuff and getting rid of it!  I am so bad about buying things for projects and either not doing it or getting halfway through and stopping.

Goal #10: Cook more. Eat out less. Menu plan.
I absolutely love trying out new recipes (thank you, Pinterest!) but it seems the day is gone and we are always asking eachother what we want to do for dinner.  The last few weeks we have done a menu plan and that helps TONS!  Of course we are flexible, but we usually do a fairly good job sticking to it!  We have a few regular items we rotate, and then I usually try something new at least once a week.
So there you have it!  Ten very reasonable, very reachable goals.  I've done pretty well with most of these goals this month.  And I have the rest of 2013 to work on them!  What goals will you be working on this year?

*photos are all from Pinterest!