Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy First Wednesday of 2013! I guess it is back to "the grind" - Brad is back to work after being able to take some time off work, so it will be an adjustment to being home with the kids again.  Katie starts back to school next week, so that is when "normal routine" will begin again!  Here is what I'm loving today...
 I'm LOVING this children's bathroom!  I am seriously thinking of creating this look for the kids - it is gender neutral and absolutely adorable!
 I'm LOVING this Valentine's craft for kiddos!  I think I may have to let Katie do this - I think she would love gluing buttons!  Looks like I'll be heading to Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's sometime soon for some buttons!
 I'm LOVING this idea for journaling.  I know I definitely don't have time to scrapbook or do much more than keep up with this blog...but I think I could hand writing one line a day! I think I may have to get this and see if I can really keep up with it for five years :)
 I'm LOVING this shirt!  Home sweet home.
 I'm LOVING these wrapping paper organizers at IKEA.  I may have to order a few as I have GOT to organize the guest room/closet (which is full of Christmas wrapping paper that I cannot stop buying when it is on sale)!
I'm LOVING Thirty Handmade Days' 2013 Resolution printables for adults and children!  I have these printed out to fill out for Brad, Katie, and myself (obviously Jack is too young)...and I'll do a blog post about what we've decided to do this year!
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  1. Love IKEA - might have to check those out :)! Coming over from WILW.... Happy New Year!!!!!

  2. I bought four copies of that SAME five year journal to give as Christmas gifts this year. One for each of my sister-in-laws, my mom, and one for me! I love it!

  3. I do something similar with my journal. I do a 'pit, peak, verse' each day - best part of the day, worst part of the day and a verse that speaks to me. If I feel like it, I may jot down a little thought or something, but I found keeping it short and simple makes me more likely to do it - and helps with learning more of the Bible. Happy New Year!

  4. That bathroom is adorable!!!
    I love that craft too. I bet my 2 year old would enjoy that one :)