Sunday, January 6, 2013

Starting Today!

Growing up, I had a star chart for behavior and accountability.  And I think Katie is at just the right age to implement this!  I had good intentions of making a star chart, but just a few days ago I found these in the dollar bin at Target!  Needless to say, I bought 4 that day and went back for 4 more (I will likely need some for Jack too!).
I tried to explain the concept to Katie and I think she got it.  I also have reminded her the last few days even though we aren't using it yet.  "If we were doing your star chart, you would not get a star for listening to mommy and daddy today."  And I think that is helping it sink in.  I am interested to see if it helps her behavior - not that she is awful.  She is three.  And I have to reminding myself of that.  Right now this biggest issue is doing things when we tell her.  Boy, oh boy, do I get tired of repeating myself.  Things I plan to include are feeding Sadie, brushing her teeth, cleaning up her toys, listening to mommy and daddy, and helping with Jack.  That leaves one spot - something about reading books or .... not sure.  Any ideas?  I'll be sure to give periodic updates as to how she is doing and if I think it is having a true impact on behavior!
I also found all of these fun things in the dollar spot!  Katie loves to do these little activities and practice writing numbers and letters, so this should definitely give us something to work with!

I also bought the BOB Books sets at Costco before Christmas - I want to start working with her while is in the "sponge state" of soaking it all up and is eager to learn!  I try to spend one-on-one time with her while Jack is napping in the afternoon (we have an age 3-5 workbook that we do things in...and then we color or read or watch a show together...very fun!), so now we have some new things to do!  When we do things in that workbook for ages 3-5, I am amazed at the things she understands and knows and can do.  She's a smart little lady, that's for sure!


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