Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weekend Review: Wedding, Crafts, + Games

Before it is time for yet another weekend, I wanted to recap the fun we had last weekend!  

Jill and I had talked about letting the girls make their own mailboxes so they could get special deliveries from us and eachother - and we finally did it!  I bought these boxes online a while back and we finally put the washii tape to use!  The girls did a great job!
 And they played really well together - they played doctor a lot!  It is so funny to hear them carry on their own conversations now!
 Here they are!  I am going to modge podge them and then use some modge podge and a stencil to do a glitter initial on each!  How fun!
Saturday night, we celebrated some friends' wedding!  The ceremony was perfect and the reception was a blast!  I got my hair done earlier in the day, and she curled it - and it held up pretty well!  Do you ever have those nights where you dress up and feel good about yourself?  Well, I was having one of those Saturday night :)
The couple's first dance as Mr. + Mrs.!
Me and Cat - I feel like I look like a turtle...maybe it is the
A closer up of me and Brad.  I do think this will be going into a frame! Love it!
And Cat + Tyler!
Sunday we had a relaxing day and then had a Family Game Night that night.  We played Katie's new game from Christmas - Hungry, Hungry Hippo!  And she absolutely loved it!  I think the main reason is that it is quick to set up and then the actual game is quick too!  Jack even got in on the game playing!
 He was LOVING the fun of game night!
 And here's Katie with her game!
Definitely a fun weekend!  And Katie started dance class (post coming tomorrow) on Monday and back to school on Tuesday - busy, busy week for sure!


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  1. Um, excuse me. You look SO GOOD! That picture of you and Brad at the wedding --- HOTT MOMMA!