Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday + Oh, How Pinteresting

Happy Wednesday!  Hope you are safe from the storms (if you were affected or are being affected)! I know we are one sleepy family today...we woke the kids up and headed to our safe place at 3:15am.  *Yawn!* I had to wake Katie up at 8:30 to get going for school!  Anywho, here are some pins I'm loving today!
I'm LOVING this idea when using glittery polish!  I know I never use it because it is so hard to get all the glitter off with polish remover.  Well, looks like Elmer's glue is the way to go - as a base coat.  And then you just peel the polish off.  Amazing!
I'm LOVING this idea for matching uppercase and lowercase letters.  If I were to use just pink and purple hearts, I know Katie would be all over it :)
 I'm LOVING this organized kids' craft station!  It makes me want to go to the Container Store.  So maybe I shouldn't love it too much.
 I'm LOVING the thought of this recipe.  Um, nutella AND brownies?? Sign me up!
 I'm LOVING this outfit!  It looks comfy, and it is super cute.  And oh so stylish.  Emerald green is the it color of 2013 right??  Oh, I also like that the shoes are flats :)