Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday + Oh, How Pinteresting

It's Wednesday again - yippee! And that means it is time for another edition of What I'm Loving Wednesday!  And since everything I have here came from Pinterest, I decided to link up with Oh, How Pinteresting too :)  So, here we go!
I'm LOVING this idea with beadboard!  I am fairly sure we have a piece of beadboard left from when we did Jack's nursery - so I need to cut it to size, paint it, and buy some letters.  Sounds easy enough, no?  Now...should I do LOVE and hang it in our room?  Or something else? Suggestions?
 I'm LOVING this idea with hula hoops and a shower curtain!  Katie has the rocking chair I had when I was little in her room - how cool would it be to put this in there and buy a shower curtain with fun colors and hang it in the corner?  You just use the shower hooks and hook it onto the hula hoop, hang from ceiling, and voila!
 I'm LOVING the dots and color!  I have this nail do they get those dots to look so perfect?? Maybe a q-tip?
 I'm LOVING this for any room, some neat fabric ... and frame it!  That simple! 
 I'm LOVING this, I want one.  I need one.  Bottom line.  She does any state - find yours {here}!
Link up to WILW {here} and Oh, How Pinteresting {here}!



  1. I have that Essie color and I love it! I've seen on Pinterest that people use the heads of those tiny tack nails. I haven't tried it myself, but it looks like it works?

    Really love the bead board project. I'm working on re-doing the gallery wall in my living room and something like this would work well there.