Sunday, January 13, 2013

Falling Between the Cracks

Yesterday I realized there were some cute pictures that never made it onto the blog towards the end of last year!  So I decided to do a big post of all of the pictures that fell through the cracks!  

This was Katie's outfit while she helped Brad rake leaves outside!  That project had to happen before he could put up the outdoor lights...LOVE the combo of all of her accessories!
 And just a few days later, it was mild enough for short sleeves and a walk to the playground in our neighborhood!
Lately, whenever Katie feels cute, she asks if I am going to take her picture.  I clearly take every opportunity  for a picture where she is willing to cooperate :)  And I love this outfit on her!
And there's not much better than a picture of both cuties together...and in front of Katie's Christmas tree in her room!  We have yet to take that tree down...I keep forgetting!
Sister smooches...LOVE this!
 Can't believe I got a kissy one AND a smiley one within seconds of eachother!
 Before we did baked cookies with Stella and Jill, I got this one...Katie absolutely LOVES Sadie.  And I think the feeling is mutual :)
Brad's aunt and uncle had a train running underneath their Christmas tree and the kiddos loved it!  I love all of these pictures of the kids watching it go around and around.  Jack sat there by himself for over 5 minutes watching it!
And isn't this little guy the cutest?? I love that it is winter and I can put adorable, warm hats on him!  I may just have to do a post with him and his many hats :)
And there isn't much sweeter than a daddy reading books to his kiddos.  I love this one!  We try to make sure we read to just Jack, but a lot of the time, when we sit down, he is ready for that bottle and to crash for the night.  So glad I got this...even if it was on my phone!
And the day after Christmas (or maybe two days later...), we got a dusting of snow.  And when I say dusting, that is even a stretch.  But Katie wanted to go play outside in it, so we bundled up and played out there with Stella!
 See the "dusting" out there?  And see that these two crazies were pulling eachother in a sled? HA!
 Best friends.  So cute!
 Then they went to play inside for a bit...and Stella pretended to be a baby and Katie fed her a bottle.
So glad I remembered to post these :) And I am impressed if you made it through the entire picture-packed post!



  1. I love the kissy pictures, the sled photos, and the sitting in front of the tree photos! Of course, they are all awesome! Xx