Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

What a fun weekend we had - it was the perfect mix of fun activities and downtime.  Saturday, I took Katie to some friends' birthday party - it was adorable!  The theme was "Mozzarella and Moustaches" - the kids made chef hats and wore mustaches and made their own little pizzas.  

Here I am with Katie before we left.  Love this picture!
 And here is Katie - I can tell when she feels cute...she asks me if I am going to take her picture :) That's my girl!  I might have done that a lot growing up... "Mom, I'm having a cute day! Will you take my picture, please?" :)
 And here we are with our moustaches and her hat - so fun!
And Amber took this picture of us reviewing our self-portrait - ha!
 After they ate and sang happy birthday, the kids played games and had a dance party/freeze dance!  I managed to get this shot of Katie...it is close to her "signature dance move" - she has a wide stance, bends her knees a little, and wags her finger in the air a few times, then she gets up on her left foot and spins.  She tried teaching it to me the other day and got frustrated because I wasn't doing it right.  I'll catch it on video soon :)
Saturday afternoon, we went to the park!  It was just a little chilly, but it was a beautiful day and we needed to take advantage.  The kids played and then my mom and brother met us there for a little walk on a trail that starts at the park. 

I think this is my favorite picture of the day.  Katie wanted to push him on the swing - and I love that I captured it!  He was loving it and she was having fun pushing him!
 She loves, loves, loves to play outside.  And I love this picture of her being silly and laughing :)
We went on the walk and stopped to turn around here.  Brad was showing Katie the stream.  And of course that made her have to go to the bathroom...so she got to pee behind a tree.  I never know how long we actually have once she has informed us that she needs to go to the bathroom.  And of course we were farthest away from the bathroom possible!
 Sunday, we had a lazy day with lots of playing and snuggling and jammies.  These two play pretty well together - so sweet!
Here are just a few more pictures...the top left was Saturday night...I love how Jack is really studying the book!  The top right is Katie checking Daddy out.  We had a fun bath night for Katie full of bubbles and light sticks - the two bottom pictures are of bedtime!  Two clean kiddos and then a family bedtime story - perfect way to end a great weekend!


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