Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend In Review

What a fun weekend full of celebrations!  On Saturday, we had our friends' little girl's first birthday party (with a Cookie Monster theme)!  It was just perfect and so fun!  Here are the kiddos before we left the house...clearly Brad was being goofy to get some grins!
 And I don't even remember the last time I wrapped a birthday present (as opposed to throwing it in a cute bag)...so of course there is picture proof!
 Are these cupcakes not the cutest?!  And Katherine made them!!  And yes - they were as delicious as the look too :)
 And the birthday girl while everyone was singing...she loved it!
 And here are the kiddos - hard to believe I went to college with their moms and dads.  It was so cute to see all of them interact (especially the girls).  It will be fun to see them grow up together (and likely get into trouble together)!
 On Sunday, I got to help celebrate a friend's baby girl!  My friend Christie is having a baby girl in about a month, so we threw a baby shower for her!  I love making wreaths, so I made one for the front door.  And I have to say - it was my favorite to date...I think it was mixing ribbon and fabric that did it...oh, and the size of the strips seems to have been perfect too!  
 Beautiful, happy flowers...
 An adorable name sign that another hostess made...
 The drink station!  I am fairly certain I drank almost that whole pitcher of fruit tea - YUM!
 The food table...and I am fairly certain I ate my weight in all of the "shower food"...it was so good!
 The momma-to-be getting started with the gifts!  And doesn't she look amazing?!  She has the cutest baby belly!
 All of the hostesses with Christie...what a fun celebration!  And I cannot wait to get to snuggle that sweet Kate!
And I didn't get any pictures, but we ate dinner with Tanja and Nick Sunday night.  Katie just adores both of them - and Jack was all smiles when he was sitting with too!  It is so wild to think that we have been friends since kindergarten and now my babies get to grow up knowing and adoring her!  So special :)  And that is what we were up to!  Monday was a relaxing pajama day with no dance class because of MLK - it was so nice to relax!  And back to the grind of school for Katie today - she couldn't wait!


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