Monday, January 7, 2013

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

On New Year's Day, I talked about how Brad and I have a picture together every New Year's Eve/Day!  I wanted to do a walk down memory lane and take a peek at the pictures.  I literally laughed out loud with some of these - hilarious!  Note to self: do not pig out and do not get a perm.  

Newly engaged!
Married! (hence the weight gain - whew! glad we got rid of that!)
Weight loss! :) One of my favorite pictures!
Pregnant with Katie!
At the beach!
In our new house (and celebrating with neighbors)!
Pregnant with Jack!
And this is this year's!
I showed Brad and his comment was, "I don't think we've changed much in the last couple of years.  Do you?"  Hm.  I think I look healthier these last few years than I did before.  Maybe motherhood makes me glow.  That, or my makeup does a decent job of covering up wrinkles :)  I do have pictures with the kids in them (well, since they were around), but I like looking back at pictures of just me and Brad.  That's another goal for this year...spend time together as a couple.  We can't forget our identity together!



  1. Precious! Y'all are a good looking couple Girly! :)

  2. Great pictures! You are glowing in the last picture! Motherhood suits you well. Brad does look the same in every picture, though!