Monday, January 14, 2013

This Past Weekend

What a fun weekend - and we really didn't do anything!!!  I realized when I was putting this post together that I took quite a few pictures though, so there are several picture collages :)

Friday morning, while Jack napped, Katie and I played in her princess tent.  Even Sadie came in for the fun! And once he got up, we got dressed and headed out!  I love that the kids will cooperate (for the most part) for pictures together)!
We finally went to story/art time at a local toy store!  I have been wanting to take Katie (and now Jack) to this class for quite some time, and we finally did!  They read Snowy Day and then did glittery snowflakes - Katie LOVED it!  I think we will be doing this more often (especially because it is free!)...
 Saturday morning we had some impromptu playtime with Stella!  The girls had a blast together and played so well!  I think we played with just about every toy we own - doctor kids, musical  instruments, Mr. Potato Head, coloring, watching TV for a few minutes, and then we even got out the huge piano Katie got for Christmas!  They loved that!
 And we did some sidewalk chalk too - and Katie wrote her name!! Good gracious...she is one smart cookie.  We also got a few new apps on the iPad and she figured them out right away.  Holy moly.  Brad and I couldn't believe it!  I also did a HUGE run at the grocery store - I think the last time I did a big run was before Christmas.  Sheesh!
 Brad and Katie played with some princess play do and then read some Peppa Pig!  And Jack had a big time playing with his toy too!
Sunday night we had a fun dinner at Chuy's to wrap up the weekend.  It was delicious!  Poor Sadie ripped a toenail off at Petsmart getting groomed - so when we got home we had to figure out how to keep her foot dry when it was pouring outside (we opted for a grocery bag and waterproof tape)...she seems so sad!  Only our dog would get so excited she gets a toenail hung on something while getting a bath!  

This weekend, I also ran both days!  Saturday it felt SO good - I ran over 2 miles and probably could have kept going!  Sunday, I did just under 2 miles I think...I was afraid I was going to get rained on, so I took the shorter route.  I can't wait for it to warm up enough to get outside to walk and run and play!



  1. I love the collages!
    Great job on your runs, mama!

  2. You did have a wonderful weekend!! Glad Katie enjoyed Story/Art time. I wish we had something like that around here for my little man. Hope you have a great week friend :)