Friday, January 11, 2013

My Darling Dancing Daughter

It was the day most mommas of little girls dream of.  It was Katie's first day of dance - ballet and tap.  You see, I did dance (ballet and tap as well) one year growing up - I was five.  And it was hilarious.  My recital video is a running joke in my family.  I was bossing people around - telling them where to stand and how to do the dance moves.  

Anyway, I signed Katie up for dance classes and this past Monday was the first day!  She was so excited - we went shopping for all of the "gear" and she couldn't wait to put it all on.  She especially likes the tap shoes since they make a neat noise!  Here she is before we headed out to class.

She's got her bag of accessories and is ready to go!
Running into class - think she's excited??
They started class with tap shoes - here she is with the shoes on!
And walking into class - the mommas had to stay in a separate room so as to not distract.  They do let us come in at the end of class at the end of each month to let the girls show off what they have been learning.  I cannot wait to see!
And then they switched to ballet shoes at the end of class.  I can just imagine what Katie was like as a ballerina :)
She has already asked to go back to dance - so glad she loves it!  


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  1. How cute she is! I'm glad she is enjoying it.