Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And The Rest Of The Weekend...

I thought big sister school deserved its own post, so here is the rest of the weekend recap!  After relaxing at home for a bit, we headed to lunch and out to our friend's family's farm!  It was a beautiful day - lower temperatures and sunshine!  Katie loved riding around on the golf cart with Cat's grandmother and Sadie loved romping around on the farm!  I have to say I loved the golf cart too - that way I didn't have to exert any energy :)
Isn't this just beautiful?!  Both Sadie and Katie badly wanted to play in this creek, but since we haven't had much rain recently, it was a bit stagnant, so we opted out of that!
After hanging out on the farm, we headed to a different spot to see some more baby pigs!  We got to see the babies last summer the day after they were born - I think these were just a few days old.  Katie loved them and kept wanting to pet them.  The momma pig would put up with for just long enough and then huff and snort.
Cat walked around to the other side so Katie could see all the babies...
It was so cute to see Katie being still and gentle and the baby pigs come right up to her!
But then it was naptime for all the babies!  Isn't that so cute?  They all just pile on top of eachother!
And Katie wanted to try just one more time to pet one.  That little pink guy was just too adorable!
Isn't this a neat picture?  We had to hike down to the spot to see them and Brad carried Katie - smart decision to let her sit on his shoulders!  And Cat spotted me since I am slightly front heavy these days.  It was definitely more exertion than I have had in quite some time, but it was definitely worth it!
And the family picture...I think I like the closer up one that I posted on Sunday.  Oh how I love going out to the country to play!
Sunday morning we woke up and visited with our friends, Jonathan, Melinda, and their sweet little lady, Elena!  They were in town for a family gathering and I am SO glad they stayed with us!  And funny enough...we didn't take ONE picture together!!  I know Katie loved having other folks to visit with - when she woke up Monday she asked where they were!  I sure do wish they still lived here - but at least they aren't terribly far away!

After they left, we loaded up in the car and picked up Hardee's for Brad and Krispy Kreme for me and Katie to eat for breakfast.  Clearly we got enough to  last a few days :)
After we got home and ate our delicious breakfast, we played some games!  We played Uno Moo, Candyland, and Hi Ho Cherrio.  It was so fun!
I was able to rest, relax, sleep, read my book, etc from about 11:30 - 5:00...it was just what I needed!  When I woke up Sunday morning, my whole neck and shoulder area were shooting pains...I think I must have slept funny.  By the afternoon, it definitely did feel better.  I got up and we took a walk around our neighborhood - it felt great to move around!  Isn't this picture so cute?? Katie loves holding Sadie's leash!
What a great weekend!  I hope yours was just as super!  I have lots of posts swirling around in my mind, so be sure to check back to see!  I think the nursery will be done by the end of this week - I can't wait to take the final pictures!


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  1. What a fun time- those baby pigs are seriously darling!!!