Monday, June 25, 2012

Big Sis, Lil Bro Meeting

When I found out I was pregnant, my second thought was how this would affect Katie and what her reaction would be (obviously my first reaction was amazement, thankfulness, and excitement).  And as the big day got closer, I went back and forth as to whether I wanted Katie to come the day Jack was born or wait until the following day.  I knew I'd want to see my sweet girl, but I also wanted to have as many factors in place to make it a positive experience.  Would she be too tired if it were later in the day?  Would she freak out seeing me in the hospital bed?  Would I feel like visitors?  Needless to say I ended up opting to have her come late afternoon on the day Jack was born.  And it went well!  She was a little stand-offish and pretty tired, but she did well!  She was interested in Jack but was more excited about the popsicle the nurse gave her!  Here are some pictures of the introduction!

Walking into my room...
She had drawn some pictures for me and Baby Jack
Giving Daddy a hug
She wasn't too sure about climbing on the bed herself so she had Brad sit her next to me.  I also made sure that Jack was in the bassinet when Katie walked in and waited for Brad to hand him to me once Katie was sitting down and we snuggled for a little while.  Oh, and each day she visited, she got more comfortable climbing on the bed :)
Checking out Baby Jack - I think she was excited to meet him - any maybe a little unsure about this little guy!
A very proud momma with her two babies - LOVE this picture!
First picture of our family of sweet and special!
I love this one too - I think we were talking about how Jack has two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two ears, etc like they taught Katie at big sister school!
Another shot of me with my favorite kiddos ever.
The best I could do getting a picture of Katie in her big sis outfit - I absolutely love it!
I brought some pictures of Katie when she was a newborn to the hospital with us.  I mainly brought it so we could compare and see if Jack favors Katie, but Katie ended up LOVING to look at it and see who all was in the pictures.
The popsicle!  She loved it!
And my doctor came to check on me while everybody was there and we got a picture of both kids with her.  Each day when Katie visited, she asked where my doctor was - clearly she made an impression on Katie!
Looking back, I am very glad Katie came the day Jack was born.  In total, she came three times (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) while I was in the hospital, and each time she came she was more excited about him. And each day at home Katie has been more eager to see and tickle and love on her baby brother.  She is such a great big sister!



  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!! It sounds like you are super thoughtful and introducing the little brother to the big sister was a success!

  2. How precious! When my second child was born my daughter was 12 and I worried myself sick about how going from an only child to having a sibling would affect her. Luckily, she did well and she even cut the cord in labor and delivery. She loves him to pieces now. I'm getting ready to deliver my 3rd and my youngest is almost two. I'm not really sure how he is going to adjust. I'm just praying he does as well as my daughter did!