Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby Jack's Nursery Reveal

FINALLY! We finished Jack's room this past weekend - just in the nick of time!  And it turned out exactly like I had envisioned!  I didn't exactly know how I'd manage working on a baby boy's room - I am used to girly stuff!!  But I am happy to say that I love how his room turned out.  So, without further ado, here it is!

This is what the room looks like as you stand in the doorway.
I had thought about just doing a giant "J"...but Brad really wanted his name over the crib like we had done for Katie.  So here it is!  I thought just painting the letters was a little more boyish (as opposed to scrapbook paper, etc)!
Looking toward the crib...
Standing next to the crib looking toward the opposite corner - that is the same glider we used in Katie's nursery!  When we moved into this house, we took the glider out so she wouldn't think it is hers.  And we finally get to use it!
And this is the mobile I made!  I thought it would be too much to put it over the crib - and it would mean you wouldn't be able to see the letters of his name!  But I put it over the glider as decoration and something that he can look at while we sit together in that corner.
I found these prints on etsy and they look amazing in the nursery!  It matches so well!  And I love how the red frames look on the blue wall!
The little bookcase with the colored canvas drawers - love it!  And a lamp, toys, books, sound machine, and frame with ultrasound picture.  And that canvas - it turned out JUST the way I wanted.  I had seen that quote and loved it - and I thought it would be perfect as a focal point - it has the definition of boy as a noise with dirt on it.  Does that look great?  If you want to see other work done by Dream Custom Artwork, find her on Facebook or visit her blog!
Here is the close up of the turned out just perfect and matches the nursery great!
This picture is standing in the corner by the glider looking towards the opposite corner - we obviously have the dresser (changing table) and hutch, as well as the vanity area.  That door right there goes to the toilet and tub area that he and Katie share.
Some of Jack's stuffed animals!
Jack's vanity area - that print is from the same etsy shop where I found the transportation themed prints!
And here's a view of the closet.  I tried to organize it as best I could - those clothes are organized by size.  And the diapers and wipes are on the shelf.  And toys that were Katie's are back there somewhere.  And then I got a hanging closet organizer for extra sheets and sheet protectors and hats and shoes and lovies and all that.  It worked great having that for Katie, so it was a must for Jack's closet!
And I love this memo board!  I ordered from a friend of a friend that has a side business of making these!  I love the burlap look with navy ribbon!  Her shop can be found here.
And the diapers! Good gracious these diapers are so teeny!
And I love this pillow on the glider.  I found this at a consignment sale for next to nothing - even better!  And the special part is that Katie has the same pillow (but it is pink and girly) in her room!  It has the same prayer on it and I just love it.
And here is the glider again - and with the sweet blanket my mom made for Jack draped over the back.  I think it looks just great!
And this little side table is the one we used next to the glider in Katie's room too.  It was scuffed up and looked gross - so I did a little crafty magic!  I had gotten some scrapbook paper that coordinated with the nursery, so I trimmed it down to size and mod podged it to the top and sealed it with a couple coats of mod podge!  I love how it turned out - will be the perfect table for my cup of water or his bottle or whatever needs to sit on it!
So, there ya have it, folks!  I can't wait to actually use that - even though he will sleep next to our bed for a couple months.  I think it is the perfect room for a little boy!  Now I'm off to have one more mommy date with Katie before Jack's arrival...and then get a massage, mani/pedi, lunch with Brad while she is at mom's day out.  After we pick her up, I think we will go to the pool and then have one last dinner as a family of three...eek!  Exciting and anxiety-inducing all at the same time! 



  1. Such a cute boy nursery! Good job!

  2. Precious nursery! I love it!

  3. Oh wow, it looks amazing. Definitely perfect for a little guy. I LOVE that mobile you made :)