Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One of My Favorites

Katie came and met her baby brother the afternoon of the day he was born.  I had mixed feelings about when I preferred that she come, but I am really glad she came Friday afternoon.  We had some friends there at the same time, so they took pictures.  And we got this gem.  I wonder if this sums up her feelings about her brother.  Regardless, I find this to be pretty priceless!  And don't worry...we did get some great pictures where she was smiling - including a really cute picture of our new family of four!  But for now, here is this one!



  1. Haha!

    Dear Diary,
    I asked for a puppy.
    Not a brother.

  2. Look at that face- priceless!!!
    I bet she is gonna be a great big sister :)

  3. This is hysterical! Funny enough, the day that my younger brother was born, I had been jumping on the bed, fell off, and had a HUGE bruise that covered my right cheek. So in all of the photos my mom has of our family right after he was born, I look like I had been abused! Honestly...leave it to me :)