Thursday, June 28, 2012

Before and After: Breakfront and SUYL: Dining Room

One of my projects I wanted to mark off the long to do list before Baby Jack was re-doing the breakfront in the dining room.  We don't really use the dining room at this point because we don't have a nice dining room table and chairs - but that is on the "to buy" list for sometime soon.  

We had a mixture of things on display in the breakfront - some pictures, some wedding memorabilia, some figurines...
 And my mom came over and helped me!  And boy, oh boy, does it look better. It looks like it belongs in a dining room!  My grandmother gave me the 12 place setting that had belonged to my great-grandmother, so we used that china to put on display.  I love the colors and the look of the china - the pattern is Blue Tree by Lenox!  And then my grandmother on my dad's side of the family gave me some glassware that they got as wedding gifts that we put out on display as well!  And then we left a few wedding-related items as well.  I think it looks SO good...and it makes me want to really get that dining room table so that the room is one that we could use to host family gatherings, etc!
While I am posting about the main focal point of our dining room, I thought I'd go ahead and do the link up with Kelly's Korner about dining rooms.  The rest of the room is nothing special at all.  A dining room set keeps getting shoved down on the infamous "house list" - hopefully one day soon!  Anyway, here are a few pictures of the rest of the room...
This is the view as you walk in the front door and look to the right.  And this is real life - a mess!
 And as you walk into the foyer and look, you get a better view of the room as a whole...
 And here are some of the pieces of art/pictures hanging in the room.  This first one was clearly on our wedding day!
 Us with our grandparents on our wedding day.  I love this picture.
 My mom is an artist and she did this piece - I think it is a great dining room piece!
 A family friend made this for us as a wedding gift - so special!
 And this was the matte our guests signed at our wedding reception with another wedding picture in it!
 This console table (still covered in the wrapping paper from Katie's birthday party almost 2 months ago with all of the party details - oops) clearly does not belong in the dining room.  We are going to try to sell it on craigslist or give it to Goodwill or something soon.  We just don't have a use for it anymore since our TV is hanging on the wall over the mantle.  And, well, the baby gate is if we need to keep Katie and any other little folks off the stairs :)
 And we have this shelf in the corner of the room - I have NO IDEA what to put on it!  I have some neat (but breakable) items I could put on there, but I don't want Katie to get curious (or any of her friends, or Jack when he gets older).  So right now, there is that small lamp, a small framed picture my mom painted, and the tray with candles and ornaments (that just look like balls) on it right now.  What else would you recommend I put on there?  Maybe my cookbooks?  But then it is a pain to walk in there to go through them rather than if I kept them in the kitchen.  Hm.  Ideas welcome! 
I can't wait to have a nice, formal dining room - we want to paint it and put window treatments up and obviously get a dining room set!  And then I will feel better about trying to host family events (which I can't wait to be able to do)!  Until then, the bartop table with stools and slipcovered wingback chair and breakfront and console table will just have to do!


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