Saturday, June 2, 2012

First Clinique Visit

Yesterday I finally got the rest of the makeup that I needed/wanted before Jack arrives and I actually was brave enough to take Katie with me.  We were out running some errands and I decided to just go for it.  I thought she might get excited to see makeup since she likes to watch me put mine on in the mornings (when I decide to wear it).  The lady that helped me was fantastic - and she even let Katie have some makeup on!  She did her little makeover with powder and then pink eyeshadow (Katie's choice to match her shirt) and pink lip gloss.  Katie thought it was the best thing ever - like seriously.  And of course, being the mamarazzi that I am, I had to get some pictures - but with my iPhone!  Here they are...

Here she is sitting in the chair like a big girl getting her powder applied.  I have to say that I am fairly certain I was 13 before I did this the first time - I could be creating a monster.
 And then the eyeshadow...she did so good with sitting still and closing her eyes!
This one may be my favorite - sticking those lips out to get the lip gloss!
 And trying to pose and look super cute for a picture to show off her cute makeup!
 And then we got a picture together - I had gotten some makeup applied also to make sure that all of the colors blended and worked well. 
 And of course we had to do a silly one...
 And after I payed, she got to go behind the counter and put all the makeup in a bag - and the super sweet lady stapled it shut so we wouldn't drop any of the makeup out of the bag.  I just love it when people are so great with kids!  And it made Katie feel ultra special too.
 And one last picture with the Clinique sign...
I know Katie had a blast - and it was so fun for me too!  What a fun mommy-daughter experience (even though I am fairly certain it will come back to bite me in the butt one day).  I am loving fun times together since life will change drastically after Jack arrives!!


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