Friday, June 29, 2012

Katie's and Jack's Rooms

I've been meaning to do a post showing Katie's room since we put her curtains up (and by we, I mean Brad) and figured I'd wait and link up at Kelly's Korner!  I love how the kids' rooms have turned out, though there are 2 corners in Katie's room that need some help.  Maybe you can offer some suggestions!  Anyway - here are the tours of the kids rooms!

This is Katie's vanity area - each of the kids has their own sink and then they share the tub/toilet area.
 When you walk into Katie's room, this is what you see...
 Once you enter it all the way - I love it :)
 Her bed!
 Her dresser with her letters of her name over it (it was over her crib which was on this wall before we switched it into a big girl bed).
 Her bookcase and the door to her closet!
 One of the corners I need help with.  I keep all her stuffed animals in this little crib but it looks naked.  I thought about making a mobile to hang in that corner.  I made one for Jack's room for decoration - let me know what you think about doing one for Katie's room in her colors for this area...
 Some of the details of Katie's room!  She has a memo board that holds all her bows between her two windows.  And then I have a towel hook on her closet to hang all her purses on.  And then the sunshine canvas - love the colors and font and happiness factor it brings to her room!  I did have it in her bathroom but traded the headband holder and sunshine canvas!
 And an up close of her curtains!  Of course they have dots :)  But they go with her room so well!  And that little rocking chair was mine when I was little.  Do you think anything else needs to go in that corner?  A mobile could also work there.  I can't decide!  And just to put it into perspective, her bookcase is just to the left of that chair looking at the picture.
Katie loves her room and her big girl bed and wants to show it to anyone and everyone that will look.  I think we have succeeded in creating a space she loves!

And here is Jack's room - I know I did a post about his nursery once it was complete, but I thought I'd share it again.  I love how it turned out!  This is the view from the doorway.
 And I painted these letters for over Jack's crib (I thought scrapbook paper and embellishments like Katie's letters was a little much for a boy's room).
 And the little bookcase area - I love the colored bins and the boy definition canvas!
 And the glider corner and a view of the wall with the etsy prints we found!
 And a view of the dresser/hutch and the area where you walk into his sink/vanity area.
 A closer view of that area.  That door right there goes to the tub/toilet area but we have it closed and locked right now so that Katie doesn't run all over creation.
And a close up of the glider area - my mom knit that blanket for Jack and I love it on the glider!  And Katie has that same pillow on her bed (in case you hadn't noticed) but in girly colors.  It has the sweetest prayer on it.
 And a few details of his room - the top left picture is a small side table that I modge podged some cute scrapbook paper on.  And then the up close of the boy definition canvas that I had done for the nursery.  I also had that memo board done with burlap and navy ribbon.  I love how it looks and can't wait to put some pictures on it!  And there's the mobile - it turned out great!  That is what I was thinking of doing for one of the corners of Katie's room but obviously in coordinating colors.  
Thanks for touring the kids' rooms!  I can't wait to get some other decorating and organizing ideas from everybody else!  Happy Friday!



  1. So, so SO cute! Love them both! Hope you are doing well and adjusting to having a new precious babe in the house! As for that corner, I think hanging stuff is adorable. If you have a chance, the Pottery Barn Kids in Green Hills mall might have some hanging decorations that we have down here that are on sale and clearance. Specifically, I am thinking of a bird dreamcathcer, and perch, and also an adorable painted and fabric butterfly and dragonfly. They are actually cheaper than making it yourself! Although, the one you made Jack is so cute! Anyways, just a thought! Love you guys!

  2. Adorable rooms! Was thinking you could maybe use a stuffed animal chain or a wall decal. Loved the decals we used in Lily's room.

  3. adorable! love the colored alphabet letters for your son's name. really cute.

  4. Those are very cute rooms. I think a mobile in coordinating colours would look awesome in Katie's room. It's very sweet.